Isguard Galipole


Special Skill 1 Name:

Special Skill 1 Description:
Berzerker of the Sea God
Legends tell that Isgaurd was a kind man, accommodating and boisterous, but upon provocation it was said that the rage of the sea could be seen in his eyes, it was said he could become as cold and dark as the lower fringes of the shattered sea, at which point he would wield an unavoidable hunger to erode and consume which was numb to all exhaustion, pain, or emotion, this rage is not uncommon in true Berzerkers (as rare as they are) and the true extent of his rage was only seen by his people on two occasions, the day of his duel with his brother, and at the day of his alleged death.

Special Skill 2 Name:

Special Skill 2 Description:
The Xitch’d Frost blade
the traditional blade of all children of the sea, its cold steel never quite loses its temperature, weather through some odd density of the metal, or outside influences, few know. All Berzerkers of the Sea god were required to test themselves in the field of battle, or perish alongside the weak, it serves as a warriors connection to the raging sea, where ever their travels might take them.


A man whose skin is the color of a young gulls feathers, that is to say, bleach white, decorated with the scars of a tumultuous childhood, shortly cut black hair, and a series of Traditional Vikrgic war tattoos, many of which serve as a monument to the sea god. Standing at nearly 6’6 he truly represents the brutal size of the Vikrgic tribesmen, his eyes are a piercing blue, and surge with the prying intrigue of the sea.

Background: Childhood
Isgaurd was the eldest son of his father the High chief of the Vikrgic people, who upon birth on the holy day of the Sea God, Isgaurd was divined as a Champion of the god of the sea, as a result at a young age he was shipped away from his noble homeland to participate in the various Vikrgic raids on adjacent nations and peoples, at the whim of the sea and born in combat Isgaurd quickly adapted through the ranks of criminals and thieves, who were forced to participate in the raids at the commands of the various Sea god representatives, namely the high priests. Treated as an easy highborn target, he was abused often by his fellow shipmates, he grew under the brutal fist of domineering religious Zealots, and criminal slave soldiers.

The Battle of Stormbane
After a number of years he quickly asserted himself as a true representative of the sea god at the battle of storm bane, a naval conflict during which he took command after the death of the ships captain and high priest, whose life was unfortunately ended by a stray arrow, he convinced his men to abandon ship, and hide beneath the ice of the brutal seas, only to have their now empty vessel be boarded by a superior force, who in doing so left their superior ship unmanned. Seizing the larger vessel with his now half drowned men, he drove his freezing brothers at war to destroy the smaller ship and enslave the surviving soldiers.

The Reclamation of the Chiefdom
shortly after the conflict, and his inauguration as a true champion of the Sea god, he found himself called home for the first time, upon arrival he found that his younger brother had seized the throne, and executed his father, in challenging his brother to a duel he managed to quickly defeat the younger boy and regain his family inheritance. Now a Champion of the Sea god, and the ruler of the Vikrgic Tribes, he decided to declare war on his brothers remaining forces, a decision which would spark a brutal civil war which would last the remainder of his childhood. During which time he would meet and become infatuated with a young shield maiden from the scattered frost tribes of southern Vikrge, they would quickly marry, and become the first Vikrgic union created between two champions of the sea god, many soldiers on both sides of the conflict would come to value the child of these two as the true heir to the throne, an idea that many factionalists deeply feared, so on the night of their marriage, the People of the Vikrgic tribes, Isgaurds own people, drove themselves into his chambers, and attempted to murder him and his wife, Isgaurd and Villhanna fought and slaughtered many of the insurgents but were ultimately unable to quell the invaders all on their own.

The Quiet Whispers
Many story’s say the last stand of the Villhanna saved the once chief of the proud tribes, but at the cost of her own life. While others say Isguard was shoved from his chambers window and down into the ocean bellow, and Villhanna, in a grief filled rage was torn apart by the hundreds of waiting daggers.
In recent years tales of Isgaurds survival still trickle between the Vikrgic Tribes, some claim they have seen him commanding his own warship, sailing back towards the home that cost him his world. Some even claim that if you listen closely to the storms of the sea, you can hear Isgaurds roar. A legend that earned him the name, “The Storm”.

Isguard Galipole

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